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The legendary Loukanikos, known for his fearless interventions during clashes with riot police in Athens between 2010-’12, has died at the age of 10.

Louki had retired from rioting in 2012 following a spell of ill-health. He was taken in by a loving family in whose presence he passed away today. Rest in peace, canine comrade!

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I’ve lost my mind.

My local used book store has a sense of humor.  

This was something we did earlier in the semester to raise awareness of Krispy Kremes usage of unsustainable palm oil, [palm oil that requires miles of deforestation and utilizes child slavery]. Since then they have claimed to using more sustainable options but sadly that isnt where this ends…there are plenty of companies that claim not to have slaves working for them, but its still a very relevant issue. Even when all you want is a fresh doughnut…but this buiz isnt your fault, and neither are we Anti-dough nut, we just want to make sure they are made with as much love and as little child slavery as possible! 

Recent activity at the food forest. 
Getting ready for Fall

We started a food forest in Johnson city TN! 
This was about a year ago though. 
More to come soon!

this is me, doing things. Its a little late but Im only just now using this thing more…

this is a test

this is a test

I need more of these

"I think this is yours eh?"